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In God We Trust, All Others Sign a Prenup

Planning a wedding is a very exciting and stressful time. The parties are in love and everything seems perfect. However, it is a statistical fact that over half of all marriages fail and second and third marriages are common. As Susie Orman said “Marriage is a financial contract.” For this reason, a Premarital Agreement is […]
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Is a Retirement Community Right for You?

When you move into the Autumn of life you may come to a point in time when you need to ask yourself the question, is a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) right for me? A continuing care retirement community is a senior community where residents move between levels of care as they age. This means […]
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Five Ways to Simplify Your Estate-Plan Today

Throughout my years of practice I have provided my clients with simple tips to streamline the estate process, which includes the following: Purchase a prepaid burial or cremation plan. This will take the burden away from your Personal Representative and prevent misunderstandings from occurring with family members. The prepaid burial or cremation plan should be […]
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