Estate Planning

Estate Planning

The Law Office of Nikki A. Uri, LLC is here to review all aspects of your estate and we will create an estate plan tailored to meet your specific needs.  She will work with you to set up a plan that lists and accounts for all of your assets, including your beloved pets.  Nikki’s team has a comprehensive questionnaire that will outline all of your assets as well as implement your final wishes.

If travel is difficult for you, we will come to your home at no additional cost.

A document used for distribution of a deceased person’s estate to their chosen beneficiaries, allowing for the executor to follow their wishes as outlined for their assets, real property and personal items.

Allows for designated person to act for them in financial and other areas, staying in effect when a person can not communicate for themselves.

Allows you to pre-designate someone to act on your behalf if you are incapacitated and unable to do so.